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A.Benevenuta & C. S.p.A believes that the protection of the environment is part of its industrial policy. Therefore the following guidelines of the Environmental Policy have been established:

• to implement and mantain an environmental management system, in conformance to the norm
UNI EN ISO 14001, to control and evaluate the environmental performance of the company.
• to work and operate according to the current environmental laws and rules, and to the possible environmental agreements subscribed by the company
• to involve the employees and all those working for the company, in a continuous development of their environmental awareness by means of educational training
• to work to constantly reduce the company’s environmental impact by means of the continuous improvement of its activity,
paying attention to the rights of the local community.
• to control the use of environmental resources (water, electricity), with the aim of optimizing and reducing their utilisation.
• to evaluate and prevent the possible environmental impact of new products or processes.
All the company employees are requested to support the program, to allow the organisation’s continuous improvement.

The company’s environmental management system has been registered in May 2003 according to the standard
UNI EN ISO 14001.

Implementation and compliance with the environmental management system according to UNI EN ISO 14001 has driven A. Benevenuta & C. SpA to remarkable results in this field.

Among others:
• Actual control of the major environmental aspects and constant reduction of their impact.
• Valuable return in terms of
- A) reduced risks, accidents and emergencies
- B) optimisation of assets and resources
- C) increased competitivity in the markets
• Enhancement of our company’s image towards customers, suppliers, local authorities